Arthur David  I  Textile design 1999 - 2008  I  Photographic work 1989 - 1999


About this site:

„I decided after a careful consideration to publish a part of my early photographic works. After this long time I was not sure of the relevance and topicality of my works of the late 80s and90s. They are works that were created at the end of the analogue age in photography. Many of my works have been exposed to 24/36 mm Polaroid films.“


In the years 1989 to 1999, Arthur David experimented with the medium of photography between the poles of applied work and art. With few exceptions he worked with an analogue small format camera without large equipment. In order to pay the cost of living, he also worked for advertising, at least where creativity was required, as well as for various more demanding magazines. It is also not concealed, that he with such orders often a trained technician and photographers as assistants needed. Arthur David: “I knew a lot about the structure of images, aesthetics and light, but little on the technical side of photography“.


He has destroyed many of his works. Fortunately some works have been preserved. A selection is available on this website.


From 1999 to 2008 Arthur David successfully designed print designs for the haute couture and ready-to-wear. In this area too, photography, now digital, played a central role.


Arthur David's real artistic work started after a long break again 2008.